Our Conservation Assets

The Estate has a wide variety of conservation assets, ranging from ancient woodland, a network of hedges, wildflower meadows and unimproved grassland to ponds, lakes and wetlands.

It has won prizes for its conservation work, and is part of the West Cambridge Hundreds Group, which works to connect up habitats across a 10,000 hectare area.

The woodlands are connected together by wildlife corridors, which often incorporate grass margins at the edge of the crop, with a ditch and a hedge, to allow the birds,  mammals, insects and plants to move easily between habitats. The margins are planted with either wild grass and flower mixes, or pollen and nectar mixes, and managed to maximise the variety of species.

Certain areas have been encouraged to become wetland, and this variety of habitat has encouraged the natural breeding of certain bird species which are becoming endangered.


The farm grows heavy land arable crops, mainly wheat and oilseed rape. It also has a pedigree herd of Beef Shorthorn cattle, which graze the parkland.


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