Welcome to the estate at Hatley Park.

The land at Hatley Park has been in our family since 1946.

Our estate is about 1,800 acres in size, on heavy boulder clay soil, which means it can get really muddy during wet periods and then can be rock hard in dry Summers.

The small village of Hatley St George lies in the middle of the farm, as does the park, which has traces of medieval farming still showing in it in the undulations of ridge and furrow, and it has several Spring fed ponds and lakes. It is grazed by our small herd of pedigree beef shorthorn, an old English breed. Unlike many arable farms, we also have many hedges which have been planted over the last 40 years. We grow wheat, barley and oilseed rape on the arable land, many areas of which have field margins of pollinating plants and grass.

Together with Buff Wood, a Site of Special Scientific Interest, and Cockayne Hatley Wood, which are both ash, oak and hazel stands, we have a variety of habitats for nature. We also spread the seed from a small wildflower meadow to enrich various parts of grassland.

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